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Farmer Hacked to Death in Pomona

Farmer Hacked to Death in Pomona
October 05
17:37 2019

Domingo Miguel Mathias, 32, a farmer from Pomona Village, Stann Creek met a cruel death on Sunday when someone accosted him in his corn field in the village and chopped him to death.

When he left home around 10 that day to go plant corn and did not return home to take his two daughters to church that evening, his common-law wife knew something was amiss and initiated a search party that led to the discovery of his mutilated corpse at around 11 that night.

Angelica Chacon, 42, shared that she knew something was wrong when Mathias did not return home by the evening. She said that he had received threats on his life by someone who he had forgiven and even hired on his farm. That person, she said, threatened to kill Mathias with a machete for a friendship that Mathias had established with the suspect’s girlfriend. Mathias, she said, swore that it was nothing more than that.

When the search party found his body in his corn field, Mathias had been hacked across the head, face, chest, and arms.

Police have detained the suspect and have ruled out robbery as the motive of the killing.

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