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Accused ‘Meat-pie Bandit’ Out On Bail

Accused ‘Meat-pie Bandit’ Out On Bail
November 01
20:15 2019

Accused ‘Meat-pie Bandit’ Out On Bail

Joseph Richards, 23, the former deliveryman for Dario’s Meat Pie Bakery is out on bail after his attorney, Ronell Gonzalez, managed to convince the Supreme Court that his client is entitled to his freedom until a verdict is given when the case is called.

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Justice Antoinette Moore granted Richards that freedom, provided he complies with three conditions: that he reports to the Queen Street Police Station every Friday; that he does not interfere with any of the prosecution witnesses in any way; and that he appears in Court when his case is called. Justice Moore granted Richards bail of $8,000, which he met, and he was free to leave the Court.

Police contend that Richards and an accomplice, who both wore masks, entered the premises of Dario’s Meat Pie Bakery shortly after 6:00 last Saturday evening and ambushed Nicole Perdomo, 43, the manager of the business establishment while she was on her way upstairs from the business on the lower flat. The two gunmen forced Perdomo inside the house and demanded the money she had, but when she resisted, one of them hit her in the mouth. Perdomo’s mother, Ofelia Hernandez Perdomo, 59, who was also upstairs in another area, heard the sounds of the struggle and when she went to check, she was shoved on the floor.

Altogether, the men got away with over $30,000 in cash – over $13,000 in Belize currency and almost $10,000 in US currency. But this is where Police also believe that Richards and his comrade might have collaborated with someone from inside the business. That is because when Richards led Police to the loot, surprisingly it was right back at the business, where he and his colleague had stashed it before they bolted down Hyde’s Lane contrary to the free flow of traffic. Police say the money was found behind a counter. They suspect that Richards could have planned, with the help of others at the establishment how he could retrieve the money afterwards.

Richards is facing a charge of Aggravated Burglary while his partner in crime remains on the loose.

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