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  • EDITORIAL – January 18th. 2019 By: Harry Lawrence It has nothing to do with whether going to the ICJ is a good idea or a bad idea. This is simply a matter of hitting back...
  • EDITORIAL – January 11th. 2019 By Mr. Harry Lawrence This week in Washington, Senator Patrick Leahy, (Dem. of Vermont) severely criticized President Jimmy Morales of Guatemala for his actions in barring a U.N. backed special...
  • EDITORIAL – January 4th. 2018 By: Mr. Harry Lawrence – All of Belize has been galvanized by the reports of the disappearance of Anisha Young, 23, who disappeared after attending a Christmas party on the...
  • EDITORIAL – December 21st. 2018 By: Mr. Harry Lawrence Christmas is a season of joy and generosity, of thanksgiving for what we have, and remembering that what we have has been given to us from...
  • EDITORIAL – December 14th. 2018 BY: Mr. Harry Lawrence The Police Department announced last week that it had arrested and detained a group of senior public officers for what appeared to be contraband goods. The...
    EDITORIAL – September 7th. 2018

EDITORIAL – September 7th. 2018

The Tenth of September 2018 comes at a good time to remind Belizeans contemplating what they should do in the approaching referendum, that courage and valour are part of our heritage. The Baymen who decided to stand and fight were stout-hearted Belizeans who were prepared to fight the invading force

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EDITORIAL – August 31st. 2018

It is true that less than four years after the Battle of St. George’s Caye in 1798, the stunning effect of this victory by the Baymen was diminished by the Treaty of Amiens (March 1802). In this treaty Britain agreed to give back to Spain all her possessions in the

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EDITORIAL -August 24th. 2018

If the people of Belize had the power in their hands to make the Guatemalan claim go away for all time, would they take it? Or would they say, as some have said, “There is no need,” or “It is too risky,” or “We don’t have confidence in the ICJ?”

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EDITORIAL – August 17th. 2018

Belizeans have been giving the ICJ a bad rap because they mistakenly believe that the court took the easy way out in resolving the dispute between Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador over ownership of three islands in the Gulf of Fonseca. The ICJ ruled that Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua

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E D I T O R I A L – Aug. 10th.

Belize will have no trouble at all destroying the Guatemalan myth that she inherited and now owns the land in Belize from the Sibun River to the Sarstoon when the case comes up before the ICJ. All we have to do is show that there is a long-standing treaty defining

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EDITORIAL – August 3rd. 2018

To put it bluntly, we are disappointed in both the UDP and the PUP for not providing the leadership needed to address the Guatemalan claim to Belize with respect to the impending referendum. .  So far only the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have declared themselves in

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EDITORIAL – JULY 27th. 2018

Belizeans who do not take the time to read may be forgiven for being fearful or deeply skeptical of the proposal to take the Belize Guatemala dispute to the International Court of Justice. It is natural for people to experience doubt and apprehension on a matter so important to the

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THE REPORTER: News Staff, On Wednesday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow met with representatives of Belizean Citizens Abroad (BCA) and the Belize Rural Economic Development of Agriculture (BREDDA) to discuss their concern about the Guatemalans becoming Belizeans and the issue of Belizeans in the diaspora being required to reside in Belize

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