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  • Editorial – Plus – Friday, August 16th. 2019 The Chinese community in Belize is a mostly immigrant community which has successfully made the transition from mainland China to Belize; from a communist system of strict accountability to an...
  • American National May Have Died Of Natural Causes Monday, August 12th. 2019 – Police are currently conducting a post-mortem examination on the body of Michael Malcolm Junker, 71, an American national found dead in his sailboat off the...
  • Earthquake In Mexico Felt In Belize Monday, August 12th. 2019 – An Earthquake was felt in Belize this afternoon by many Belizeans who wondered if it was just a heavy-truck passing in their area or distant...
  • Conjoined Twins – How they were separate A team of British surgeons  at the famous Great Ormond Street Children’s Pediatric Hospital in London have succeeded in separating two little girls who were born sharing the same head....
    PUC makes final decision on light bill

PUC makes final decision on light bill

by: Benjamin Flowers After months of deliberation, the Public Utilities Commission announced today the approved rate of increase that Belizeans will be paying on their light bill. At a press conference held at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza this morning, PUC Chairman John Avery, and Director of Energy Ambrose

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Family disputes police claim that man committed suicide at police station

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor Police say Lindberg Anthony, 56, a mechanic of Crooked Tree village, Belize district, used his own shirt to hang himself with while he was detained alone inside the holding cell at the Crooked Tree police station where one policeman was stationed on Saturday night. Ladyville

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