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  • Southern Regional Morgue Still Down Thursday, April 18, 2019Acting Southern Regional Manager Franelda Gutierrez told the Reporter tonight that with the exception of a day or two last week, the morgue at the Southern Regional...
  • Making the Grade in Machakil Ha Every year, the very top performers of the Primary School Exams (PSE) are exalted, and rightly so, for their excellence and for making their schools shine. But hardly, if ever,...
  • UPDATE: ICJ Referendum Injunction Monday, April 8th. 2019 - REPORTER NEWS STAFF - VIDEO BELOW This morning, lead Counsel for Government, Senior Counsel Rodwell Williams spent two hours attempting to convince Justices of the...
  • Lisa Shoman Threatned Thursday, April 4, 2019 - REPORTER NEWS STAFF - Since her decision to represent the Government of Belize in the case brought on by the People’s United Party (PUP), Senior...
    Bishop Wright ‘Highlights The Role Of The Church’

Bishop Wright ‘Highlights The Role Of The Church’ NEWSPAPER -News Staff – President of the Belize Council of Churches, Bishop Philip Wright has said that if any credible allegation of sexual abuse against a member of clergy turns out to be true, it would be outrageous, and would impact the Church tremendously because of the role that

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    Marie Sharp Launches New Game-Changing Product

Marie Sharp Launches New Game-Changing Product

Iconic Belizean businesswoman Marie Sharp has once more added another hot sauce to her successful line of products on the market, and this time is doing so in an effort to combat gender-based violence in Belize. On Valentine’s Day, Sharp in collaboration with the United States Embassy in Belmopan officially

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    Priest Removed From Ministry Due To Sexual Abuse Allegations

Priest Removed From Ministry Due To Sexual Abuse Allegations NEWSPAPER – News Staff – Father Oliver Smalls Jr. has been removed from his ministry in Belize following his name being published on a list of priests who have been accused of sexual abuse of minors. In a press release issued by the Roman Catholic Chancery Officer today, Bishop

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    FECTAB Appeals to Government for “Fair Play”

FECTAB Appeals to Government for “Fair Play” NEWSPAPER – By Marion Ali – The Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize (FECTAB) has called on the government to make the tourism business an even and “fair” playing field for all. During a press conference yesterday, FECTAB raised concerns again over opportunities that bigger competitors in the

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    For Belize’s Manatees…

For Belize’s Manatees… NEWSPAPER- By Marion Ali – The effort to save the manatees takes centre stage tonight and you have a chance to do your part by attending the 4th annual Cocktails for the Manatees fundraiser. The event takes place at the Old Belize Pavilion from 7 pm, until midnight. For

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    Salary and allowances owed to Elrington Union concerned!

Salary and allowances owed to Elrington Union concerned! NEWSPAPER- News Staff – The Reporter has been able to confirm that Paulette Elrington, the contract officer on whose behalf the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested paid study leave, drawing strong objection from the Public Service Union (PSU), is still being paid her salary as well as receiving allowances

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    Cattle ranching raises concerns

Cattle ranching raises concerns NEWSPAPER- News Staff – The Ya’axche Conservation Trust is calling on the government, particularly the Lands Department, to address a reported land grab situation by squatters conducting illegal cattle ranching in a de-reserved area outside the Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve in Toledo. According to Ya’axche Conservation Trust Executive

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    Police Get New Fleet of Vehicles

Police Get New Fleet of Vehicles NEWSPAPER- By Marion Ali – The Belize Police Department has received a new fleet of Great Wall Wingle pick-up trucks to better tackle crime on the nation’s streets. The 31 vehicles, which were acquired by the government at a cost of $1.3 Million from public and private funding, were

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