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  • To Go or Not to Go A Sit-Down With Senator Valerie Woods Editor’s Note – Perhaps the most recent public proponent of the YES to the ICJ vote on April 10th has been Senator Valerie Woods. Woods is a Senator politically appointed...
  • ATTORNEYS SEEK INJUNCTION To STAY the ICJ March 8th. 2019 - The ICJ Referendum scheduled for April 10 may or may not happen, depending on whether the Supreme Court will grant leave to the PUP to...
  • PUP vs UDP, ON ICJ - News Staff - Jan. 25th. - The hot button topic over the next few weeks will be whether Belizeans should or should not vote “Yes” to take our...
  • Elrington IGNORES John Briceño, SAYS HE MAY RUN TO BE PM REPORTER: News Staff Jan. 24th. - Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington told the Reporter that he has not ruled out the possibility of throwing his hat in the ring...
  • Briceño SAYS THE PUP IS UNITED – ICJ DECLARATION WAS STUNT PUP Leader John Briceño dismissed the joint ‘YES to the ICJ’ declaration as nothing more than a publicity stunt, and reiterated that the former PUP Foreign Ministers who signed on,...
  • … JUST TAKE CARE OF THIS FOR ME By: Ambassador Lisa Shoman The symbiotic relationship between enforcers or street muscle and politicians in Belize is one going back to universal adult suffrage. But in the last three decades,...


After some fierce and heated debate this week, the Canadian Senate approved legislation which will make it legal for everybody above 19 years to buy and use marijuana. The final vote was 52-29. Under the new law Canadians will be able to own and carry up to 30 grams of

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Senators Valeries Woods and Paul Thompson contest for Albert division

By Michelle Sutherland People’s United Party (PUP) senators, Valerie Woods and Paul Thompson, are contesting a convention to become the party’s standard bearer for the party in the upcoming 2020 general elections. The convention is being held today at the Anglican Cathedral College (ACC) compound in Belize city. Polls opened

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