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  • COME HELL OR HIGH WATER To the Referendum We Go! Prime Minister Dean Barrow said he is not willing to entertain the idea of delaying the upcoming referendum for any reason. This despite public concern and a protest on Monday...
  • No Charges Yet Following Three-Vehicle Fatal Crash The investigation into last Thursday evening’s fatal traffic accident that claimed the life of Marcia Lopez near the Airport junction has still not yielded any charges against any of the...
  • Leaked Video Sparks Protest Sexually explicit local videos, among them one of a 15-year old female student of Wesley College, has this week sparked important discussions about the need for urgent legislative measures to...
  • Priest Hell-bent on Clearing His Name On Wednesday, Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte explained that anybody who has sexually assaulted a minor in Belize, would be pursued and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, not...
  • TRAGEDY FOR JOSE ZELAYA The life of Jose Zelaya Sr., 42, has been marked with nothing but tragedy lately, with the recent murder of one of his sons, the attempted murder of his other...
  • Belize Making Efforts to Avoid EU Blacklist The European Code of Conduct Group (CCG), informed Belize among several other financial jurisdictions last week that steps would need to be taken to update the country’s preferential tax measures...
    Two arrested for gun heist

Two arrested for gun heist

Burglars raided the Victor L. Bryant armory warehouse on Chetumal Street in Belize City early Tuesday morning and got away with a hefty cache of weapons and ammunition. The heist has been described as a “Breach of National Security,” by the authorities, who have prioritized the case, resulting in two

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    Hungarian Fugitive Located in Belize

Hungarian Fugitive Located in Belize NEWSPAPER- News Staff – Another fugitive, this time a Hungarian who was wanted in his country for human trafficking, living off the earnings of prostitution, drug trafficking, and other offences, was located in Belize through the efforts of InterPol and local Police and Immigration personnel. Gabor Zsolnai, 52, was

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    Police Find Many Guns, Ammo & Weed; Charge One

Police Find Many Guns, Ammo & Weed; Charge One NEWSPAPER – By Marion Ali – Police have reported that they made a number of gun discoveries over this weekend. The latest find was made sometime around 8:45 this morning along the Macal River in Benque Viejo Town. That discovery yielded a Bersa brand 9 millimeter pistol along with

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    Jaguars Roaming Free in Independence

Jaguars Roaming Free in Independence NEWSPAPER – Feb.7th.- Following several sightings of two jaguars on the prowl in Independence Village attacking dogs and livestock, residents are concerned about the safety of children in the nearby vicinity and whether the Forestry Department is taking note of the situation to prevent any further attacks. In an

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    Guatemalan Gunman Sought by Police

Guatemalan Gunman Sought by Police NEWSPAPER-Feb.7th.- The lives of Customs personnel and personnel from other border agencies stationed at the Belize Western Border came under serious threat early Thursday morning following a bizarre attack by a Guatemalan denied entry into Belize. Belizean authorities have confirmed that while there were no reported injuries they remain

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    Teacher Killed Crossing Barrier on PG Highway

Teacher Killed Crossing Barrier on PG Highway NEWSPAPER-Feb.7th.- This work week started off for many city residents on a somber and angry tone when a young teacher and mother of two young children lost her life while trying to dodge traffic on arguably the busiest stretch of the Philip Goldson Highway between miles 2 and 3

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    PSU and Mayor Belisle Discuss Hilltop Property

PSU and Mayor Belisle Discuss Hilltop Property NEWSPAPER-Feb.6th.- Members of the Public Service Union (PSU), including its president Doreth Cayetano Obermayer, met with Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle recently to discuss plans to re-acquire the Hilltop property used as the union’s headquarters after a controversial sale of the property by the Belmopan City Council to a businessman

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    A Sanctuary at Hedges Estate

A Sanctuary at Hedges Estate

This coming Monday, the Belmopan Church of the Nazarene will be officially opening the doors of the Hedges Estate located on the outskirts of St. Matthews Village to commence their in-house rehabilitation center. The non-profit organization will start off its first session with six members, and will be catering to

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